Barrages & Cakes

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  • Super Four Assortment


    Four 13 shot big bore cakes with plenty of oomph and effect ranging from red tails to brocade crown with red, blue tails...

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  • Premium 16 Shot Assortment 5 Pack


    An excellent assortment of 16 shot 25mm barrages, each with its own flavour including brocade crown mine to brocade crow...

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  • 2 Minute Celebration


    An excellent stand-alone display in a box for any celebration. Offering 196 shots of crackling tails to dragon eggs, gol...

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  • Coliseum


    This heavyweight beast of a barrage sends massive brocade pine tails in a stunning arch from left to right across the sk...

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  • Pyro Event 3 Pack


    Each of the three barrages packs huge burst and excellent noise. Barrage no.1 gives you bright green blink tails to yell...

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  • 3 Minute Celebration


    This single ignition barrage is ideal for weddings, celebration and New Year’s Eve with it excellent effects and duratio...

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  • Vittali Supremo 4 Pack


    A stunning selection of high-class 25 shots barrages with big bursts lasting 20 seconds each. Supremo 1 offers brocade m...

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  • Legacy


    A full on 100 shot 30mm compound barrage with effects from blue, red, silver tails to sky blue double floss crown, red s...

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  • Blink Spirit 5 Pack


    This combo of 5 highly impressive 20 shots cakes are a great addition to your show! Cake 1 offers Silver blink mines to ...

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  • Legend


    This immense compound firework of three 45 shots barrage that fires simultaneously together creating a show stopping dis...

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  • Icon


    This trio of big barrages are linked in compound to create 209 shots of straight and angled fired breaks with a variety ...

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  • Terminator 4 Pack


    This combo pack of two angled and two straight firing barrages give you a real stunning mix. Cake A fires gold brocade w...

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