About us

Zeus Fireworks is a well-established and exciting import company with over twenty years of experience in the firework industry and a close involvement with the British Firework Association, British Pyrotechnists Association, and the Explosive Industry Group.

Via this network, we keep abreast of the pyrotechnic industry for new and exciting revelations to ensure our retailers and the public receive the best fireworks and prices.


Imported directly from China from over 20 factories. Our fireworks are created to our specification and comply with the European CE standard, by channelling our expertise we choose the finest selection of high quality category 2 and 3 fireworks to enhance our range. We pride ourselves on a great service and fireworks to match.

With a UK wide network of all year round retailers and traders, our vast range of premium quality consumer fireworks including stunning single ignition barrages to massive calibre rockets are for sale online and in stores all year round to members of the public.

Videos of our fireworks are available online so both retailers and members of the public can be confident in the quality of the fireworks they are purchasing.