Spirit in the Sky – NEW


NEW FOR 2021

With 170 low noise shots and mixed effects and firing angles this display in a box offers blue tails to white strobe waterfall, silver tails to silver fish with blue core. Green tails to red and green falling leaves. Yellow and purple alternating tiger tails. Red, white and blue strobe mines. Green tail to gold fish with green core. Red tail to red strobe waterfall. Blue tail to Blue fish with red core. Alternating Orange and Silver Tiger Tails. Purple tail to purple strobe waterfall, gold tail to gold strobe waterfall. Alternating red and blue tiger tails. White strobe mine to white tail and white strobe waterfall. Red tail to red and green falling leaves. Yellow and purple crossettes lead to brocade tails with brocade horsetail abd a blue tail to white strobe waterfall finale.

Safety distance (metres)
Noise level (1-10)
Duration (seconds)
Number of shots
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