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  • Moonraker Rocket Pack


    Stunning small rocket pack containing 4 excellent effects including red coconut with silver blink, purple star with crac...

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  • INXS Rocket Pack


    A selection of five assorted effect rockets offering red crackling, green crackling, blue crackling and red, green and s...

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  • Sky Fire Rocket Pack


    Great assortment of 7 effect rockets including red stars with crackling, brocade crown, crown flower, purple peony and s...

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  • Horizon Rocket Pack


    Great assortment of 6 effect rockets including pink & white strobe, brocade crown to red and blue, red palm + crackl...

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  • Starblitz Rockets


    Great assortment of 6 effect rockets including green palm & red strobe, orange & green strobe, brocade crown &am...

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  • Sky Dragon Rocket Pack


    Six great effect rockets reaching over 100ft with crackling flower, green coconut with purple, blink willow, silver broc...

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  • Double Break Rocket Pack


    A pack of four stunning 1.3g double break rockets offering twice the bang. With excellent breaks and effects including g...

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  • Luna Rocket Pack


    14 high-class rockets with excellent burst with varying size rockets, including yellow to blue peony, silver blink with ...

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  • Nitro Rocket Pack


    UK Firework Award Best Rocket Pack Runner Up 2021 Stunning selection of big break rockets filling the sky with traditio...

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  • 3″ Shellhead Rocket Triple Pack – NEW


    A trio of large burst 3" Shellhead Rockets with Brocade Crown to Blue Dahlia, Colour Chrysanthemum with White Strobe Cor...

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  • Solar Storm Rocket 4 Pack


    Four massive breaking 140g rockets with a mix of effects that fill the sky...

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  • Ultra Rocket 4 Pack


    These heavy weight 6oz rockets create stunning wide bursts with strong colour’s and noise including blue and green peony...

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Firework Rockets

Our range of firework rockets have been developed and improved over many years and we believe them to be amongst the best quality rockets on the market today.
Each has a powerful motor giving a straight flight to a good height, culminating in a large spread of brightly coloured stars and good effects. We have a complete range from small rocket packs through to huge display effects. Order your firework rockets here or contact us.