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  • Doom


    The Doom small 9 shot barrage fires crackling tails up to crackle flower mixed with ti flower crackle. With a duration o...

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  • Oasis


    This little 9 shot Oasis barrage fires alternating crackling tails to time rain tail with crackle flower mixed with ti f...

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  • Stella D’Argento


    Stella D'Argento is part of the golden Vitalli range, offering quality effects including red tails to red and white stro...

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  • Maniacs


    This little 11 shot Maniac Barrage firings glittering columns of crackle tails before breaking into brocade palms with c...

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  • Atlas Rockets

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  • Crackling Crossette


    An excellent low noise firework offering thick crackling comet tails rising into the sky before breaking into stunning c...

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  • Alien Invasion


    Like aliens descending this unusual low noise cake takes over, with its unique silver crackling mine with deep red strob...

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  • Snow Storm


    Beautiful and brilliant white strobe mine glimmer skyward as massive white blink waterfall breaks cascade earthbound. Im...

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  • Whisper Salvo 3 Pack


    A trio of low noise 19 shot barrages with Waterfalls offering stunning brocade horsetails bouquets raining down from the...

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