Zeus Fireworks

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  • Doom


    The Doom small 9 shot barrage fires crackling tails up to crackle flower mixed with ti flower crackle. With a duration o...

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  • Oasis


    This little 9 shot Oasis barrage fires alternating crackling tails to time rain tail with crackle flower mixed with ti f...

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  • Stella D’Argento


    Stella D'Argento is part of the golden Vitalli range, offering quality effects including red tails to red and white stro...

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  • Maniacs


    This little 11 shot Maniac Barrage firings glittering columns of crackle tails before breaking into brocade palms with c...

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  • Mind Blow


    Mind Blow is a cracking little 16 shot cake with a coloured star tail to red peony with chrysanthemum and crackle burst ...

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  • Berlin Nightfall

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  • Phoenix & Rising Star


    Phoenix and Rising Star come as a pair. While each of these category 2 circular cakes. Also, produce 13 shots each.  Wit...

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  • Energyzer & Megatron


    Double the trouble with Energyzer & Megatron. With two fantastic barrages for the price of one. While each barrage g...

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  • Brocade Crown Horsetail


    This stunning professional quality low noise barrage offers excellent Brocade Crown Horsetails will a glittering gold ta...

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  • Baron Samedi


    This voodoo themed Baron Samedi barrages give you stunning blue mines to purple and white strobes, green mines to red an...

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  • Head Hunter


    Head Hunter takes to the skies with wondrous effects. Which begins with shimmering red willows with blue stars. Followed...

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  • Maverick


    A Maverick fireworks with excellent 1.3g effect. Bursting high in the sky effects of coloured mines with gold tail to wh...

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