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  • Rebel


    25 shots of stunning effects from various mines including red, green, blue, white and crackling changing to massive bouq...

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  • Falcon Frenzy


    Thick crackling dragon tails rising to burst into huge bouquets of red and crackling stars, green and crackling stars to...

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  • Samurai Spirit


    Bright silver blink mines launch skyward into vibrant bursts of red, blue, silver blinks then giving way to purple, gree...

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  • Supercell


    A pacey and impressive fireworks firing red tail to red blinking willows with silver blink, golden willow with gold blin...

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  • Wrath of the Gods


    A great mix of New and Improved effects for this 50 shot barrage including red peony, to brocade crown with white strobe...

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  • Twist & Shout – NEW


    A pulsating 40 shot fan firing left to right corkscrew tails to gold glitter strobe to fan of red comet tails to green a...

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  • Shellhead Rocket 4 Pack


    Amazing big burst rockets from these professional style shell effect rockets including big gold coconut, silver blink an...

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  • Tornado & Twister


    Tornado - Great effect and duration from this large calibre 36 shot barrage containing whistling tails to massive red pa...

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  • Conspirators of 1605


    No conspiracy with this 100 shot barrage just impressive effects and a 95 second duration. Thick crackling tails rise in...

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  • Super Four Assortment


    Four 13 shot big bore cakes with plenty of oomph and effect ranging from red tails to brocade crown with red, blue tails...

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  • Uprising


    This compound offers a mixed firing pattern and rapid pace of firing over 45 seconds...

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  • Exodus


    This new and colourful 100 shot 30mm compound offers impressive bursts and a varied firing pattern....

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