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  • Carousel Wheel


    UK Firework Award Best Catherine Wheel Winner 2021 Large catherine wheel spinning through stages of glittering red, gre...

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  • Genesis


    A great Cat 2 barrage with 49 shots of brocade crown, white strobe, blue stars and white strobe, green strobe, red star ...

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  • Blaze of Glory


    Blazing skyward large caliber shots of thick red, green, blue, crackling and gold tails alternate huge golden willow bre...

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  • Enchanted


    Feel all Enchanted with this magical 36 shot barrage. With an exciting firing pattern and a mixture of colourful and cre...

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  • Wild Wolves


    100 shots fired at a wild pace offer double value with huge red, green, blue, white and crackling mines with massive red...

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  • Phoenix Rising


    Like a phoenix rising, this 100 shot barrage sends large crackling corkscrew tails twisting into the night sky before bu...

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  • Prism


    This stunning mixed effect and angle barrage offers 120 shots of blue tail to blue star red fish; blue tail to blue star...

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