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  • Fantasia Wheel


    A fantastic little wheel with 6 stages including red and gold, blue and silver with a great duration of 45 seconds....

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  • Fireflies


    A stunning combination of 7 fountains with a mix of silver crackle flower, red and green firefly pearls to silver sparks...

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  • Thunderbolt


    Excellent noise from this 108 shot colour mine to titanium bees clusters....

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  • Sky Fall


    100 shots of brilliant brocade mines to brocade crown tails with double brocade crown and gold willow breaks....

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  • Frontline Fire


    Stunning fast paced compound firework launching 128 shots high into the sky, with a mix of red and white strobes, blue s...

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  • Uprising – NEW


    This compound offers a mixed firing pattern and rapid pace of firing over 45 seconds...

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